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Opening & Closing

Opening and closing a pool can be a lot of work - Let Pool Hopper make it easy!

Weekly Service

With the right weekly service, your pool can be completely stress free! Let Pool Hopper keep your pool clean and balanced, so you can stay relaxed.

Liner Replacement

Pool Hopper provides quality liners that are custom measured and designed for a perfect fit. Whether your liner is no longer holding water, or if it has started to tear, fade, or wrinkle, let our experts give you a quality liner replacement and professional experience.

Salt Water Chlorination

The salt water system places a low level charge in the pool water, and turns the salt into liquid chlorine. This system has become extremely popular over the past 10 years because once the system is set up, there is no more handling chlorine. With this system you will still need to maintain a water balance and check your chlorine and salt level, however you will find much less bouncing effect in your pool chemistry. When our customers use this system, they have shared that they prefer the smell of the water, love the way the water feels on their skin, and enjoy how crystal clear the water shines!

Safety Covers

Safety covers continue to grown in popularity as they are much lighter, safer, cleaner, and aesthetically pleasing than standard covers. Safety covers are made of strong weaved fabric and stretched across your pool, preventing children and animals from falling in. They can be easily removed and installed for faster and more affordable pool openings and closings.  Customers love that they are safe, easy, and visually appealing. Click below for more information!

Plumbing/ Equipment
Installation & Repair

Parts fail, issues happen, no need to worry! Pool Hopper can complete repairs to existing equipment, parts, and plumbing, or instal replacements where needed. We trouble shoot pool and spas daily and are well equipped to deal with tricky situations! 

Contact us for an estimate!


See what a difference it can make in your backyard by changing the coping, refinishing the pool tile, or adding steps, a water feature, or even a spill over spa!  From cosmetic to functional renovations, we are here to help. Contact us for more information and estimates!

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