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Opening/ Closing

Opening a pool can be lots of work. At Pool Hopper we make it easy. With the right equipment and knowledgeable staff we will start your summer of right and leave you to  kick back and relax and have a splashing good time.

Weekly Service

Pools are made for relaxation. with the right weekly vacuum or pool check service your pool could be worry free.  Let Pool Hopper provide you with service you can count on. Pool Hopper will keep your pool clean and balanced, so can keep relaxing poolside.

Liner Replacement

Pool Hopper provides choice, quality liners that are custom measured and CAD designed to ensure a perfect fit. Whether your liner no longer holds water and patching is no longer an option or is aesthetically not pleasing due to fading or wrinkles, let us provide you with a professional carefree liner replacement experience. Aluminum coping comes in white, grey, and beige. It is quite normal for us to colour coordinate a liner, coping, steps, diving board, slide and decking.

Salt Water Chlorination

The Aquarite salt water system places a low level charge in the pool water by your filter and turns the salt, which has been added to your water, into liquid chlorine. This system has become extremely popular over the past 10 years. Once the system is set up, it means no more handling of chlorine. You still have to maintain a water balance and check your chlorine and salt level, but you will find a much less bouncing effect on your pool chemistry. This product will not save you any money, however I have yet to hear from a customer who didn't love the system. They love the way the water feels on their skin, the smell, the taste and is crystal clear.

Safety Covers

Safety Covers are not new in the industry, however over the last ten years, they have regained popularity. We have also seen several Canadian suppliers enter this market so we have good supply with competitive pricing. These covers are stretched across the pool, making the pool totally safe for children, and dogs over the winter. They install easily, in minutes, and are just as easily removed. There are no pumps, dirty water and leaves to deal with. Customers love how they handle and how they look. They come in a variety of colours- beige, green, blue, grey and black.

Pool Paint

Refresh your concrete pool with a fresh coat of paint. Unlike other paint most use around the house. Pool paint must be epoxy based to stand up to the pool water. Have us brighten up your pool with a fresh coat of paint.

Plumbing/ Equipment

Installation & Repair

While the pipes could last up to forty years, often parts fail, no need to worry Pool Hopper can replace all plumbing fittings, and equipment under ground or around the equipment pad. with experience fixing many leaky situations we'll be sure to leave you drip free.


Reviving your backyard can be as easy as  the water line, change the coping, refinish the pool tile, add steps, a water feature or even a spill over spa to re invent your pool.  From cosmetic to functional we are here to help bring new life to your pool.