Pool Openings

Opening and Closing a pool can be lots of work. At Pool Hopper we make it easy. With the right equipment and knowledgeable staff we will start your summer off right and leave you to  kick back and relax and have a splashing good time. Pool Hopper is dedicated to quality swimming pool service and repair in the Toronto area

What We Do:

· Drain and Clean winter Cover, prepare for summer

   storage (Cover will be left out to dry before storage)

· Remove all leaves and other garbage into bags and    

   taken out to street for pickup

· Clean waterline and coping

· Clean deck where cover was overlapping   

· Replace all deck equipment 

Cover Removal Only
Cover Removal & System Start Up (No Vacuum)
Cover Removal, System Start Up & Initial Vacuum

· Check & tighten all connections within the

   pump/filter/heater systems

· Skim and brush pool

· Test & Balance the pool water

· Start up the system where ordered (Excluding Heater)

· Initial vacuum of pool (where ordered)

Drain & Clean
Clean Cartridge Filters
Additional Vacuum (Each Hour)
Additional Skimmer
Pool Cleaner W/ Booster Pump
Water Feature W/ Additional Pump
Pool Larger Than 20x40
Spill Over Spa

Requirements for Service:

  1. We will require access to the backyard (gate left unlocked, or ensure we have a key or lock combination beforehand), water and electricity.  

  2. Any obstructions such as patio furniture or other items blocking our access, as well as animal feces must be removed prior to our arrival.

  3. System Start Ups: Requires the pool to be filled ¾ up the skimmer

  4. Initial Vacuum: Requires the pool water level needs to be topped up as much as possible, the deep end floor clearly visible and electricity to the equipment pad.  

  5. Please note that some pools will require a second or third vacuum depending on amount of debris under the cover. Subsequent visits will be billed at our hourly vacuum rate if requested.

** Any repairs or issues above and beyond the standard opening, will be charged additionally at our service call rate of $110.00/hour

** If we cannot gain access on the scheduled day, the pool is not at the correct operational level when we return for start-up, or we cannot clearly see the deep end floor, the appointment will be rescheduled at our earliest convenience and a $50.00 surcharge will apply.

12 Week Packages

Weekly Pool Check Package


Weekly Vacuum Package
Full Service Package

16 Week Packages

Weekly Pool Check Package


Weekly Vacuum Package
Full Service Package

20 Week Package

Weekly Pool Check Package


Weekly Vacuum Package
Full Service Package

**weekly pool check and weekly vacuum packages do not include opening, closing, or spring start up & vacuum **